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It feels pretty comfortable to have R&D, Design and Technical Support Department as well as Aftersales service. I do not have phone calls from my customers after installation because they forget me and take care of the income

Dynamic Simulator/

Dynamic Simulator/

Redefining the rules

Are you looking for a new business attraction, new product that will make you smile, a device that will make your dreams come true...

/ / XD Theatre professionals!

We are Dynamic Simulator, the creative XD Theatre manufacturer that stands out from the crowd. Why? Because we have just the right solution for you. Wheather you choose an item from our standard catalogue items or you prefer a customezed solution then we will be happy to offer a solution that exceeds your expectations..

/ / Shortest payback period ever!

As an experienced manufacturer, and through our after sales support service we collect feedback from our customers on regular basis. The most important advantage of our products as per the opinion of most customers is the incredibly short return on investment period that does not exceed three months based on 8 hours operation daily.

/ / why choose us?

redefining technology

Redefining Technology

In order to have the best simulation in the world, Our R&D team has designed 6 DOF platform with electromechanical screw pistons.


Powered by Siemens

We decided to use SIEMENS due to its perfectness in automation technology and excellence in safety.

safety and quality

Safety and Quality

All parts designed with special attention and care to human health. No headache, no dizziness. We are certified by Tüv Germany.


satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% satisfaction is guaranteed with our effects, tickling, snow, fog, bubble, rain, lightning, air blast etc. which surely will give you a unique experience.

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The Technology of Dynamic Simulator                                           Back to Home

We manufacture electromechanical technology, 6 Axis Hexapod robot (6 DOF) platforms to give full motion. There is no other way to achieve full motion rather than using 6 Axis Hexapod robots and best quality components for instance using Siemens electronic components such as servo motors and motion control unites. This technology used by Airbus, Boeing, NASA, F-16 simulation training units and microsurgical operations. On the other hand Seats, Screen, Projector, Glasses etc. are all well-known brands, best quality to meet pleasure and excitement of movie.

To have a prosperous business we strongly recommend you, the best cinema which uses electromechanical technology and 6 Axis hexapod robot platform. One of the most important advantages that make our product incomparable to all types of investments is that people who try our cinema always want to try more and more therefore your happy customer will always recommend their experience to their friends and relatives and you will be receiving more and more repeated business.

There are many types of Technology that are being used to build XD cinemas, yet it has been proved that the best one is Electromechanical and in the following part we will answer “why is it the best one?” through comparing the different types of technology used:


Electromechanical :

Best option for simulation application. It gives instant reaction to command of the controller. The electromechanical is highly recommended technology for XD cinema, F1 car and various of earthquake simulators.

Hydraulic :

Very powerful, but slow. You cannot gain fast acceleration needed for the XD cinema. Additionally it has drawbacks like leaking of oil If not paid attention on hydraulic pistons and have high maintenance cost. We use it in need of heavy platforms. On the other hand If you want a platform with over 12 seats we recommend you to use multiple platforms. We are able to synchronize multiple platforms as well.

Pneumatic :

Not strong, can easily get broken and is considered the weakest among previous mentioned technologies. We don’t use pneumatic technology.

Methods of movement;

2 pistons (2DOF):

Has bending front/back, left/right and variety of them. It is cheapest motional cinema in the world. Can return the investment in 2 months. It works with single phase, no need industrial energy source. It set up in two days and almost need no maintenance.

6 pistons (6 DOF or Hexapod):

Best and only technology used in professional simulations. It can lift/drop, spin, wave, etc… We are using Hexapod robots in our XD cinemas. To provide excitement of great power we use Siemens servomotors, which have special Technologies as well as safety.


Technology We Have: Far ahead of our Competitors:

  • Full motion Platform; right, left, up-down, pitch, yawn and roll called 6 DOF (6 Axis hexapod robot). It gives limitless types of movements.
  • 6 pieces of Siemens regenerative servo motors provides instant reaction, accurate coordination with movie and stability as well as energy saving.
  • “Highly Sensitive” screw pistons made from special tempered steel.
  • “Siemens Motion Control Unit” provides the best management and stable synchronization.
  • “Clever Stop Technology” (safety brake system) is an emergency system to stop machine in case of an emergency.
  • “Real Feeling Technology” Let technology put you into the film. 100% reality in movements.
  • “Health Friendly Technology” Saves you from headache, dizziness, nausea etc…
  • Special Sensors for each of 6 axis.
  • Special mechanical stoppers for each of 6 axis.
  • Easy to operate by computer unit and touchscreen.
  • 5.1 dolby digital surround audio system.
  • Perfect 3D visuality by full HD 3D projector. Amazing pop-out effect.
  • Multiple platforms easily synchronized by our software.
  • Free basic spare parts available.


Features & Advantages:

  • Latest technology, latest investment tool and fastest return on investment.
  • Shortest payback time ever (around 3 months)
  • Long life time: Our machine can serve you 24 hours and years non-stop.
  • Effect package: Wind, rain and tickling come standard.
  • Special Effect package, rain, wind, snow, leg tickling, bubble, lightning, smell and fog effects.
  • Support and control by internet connection.
  • Providing best ride movies all over the World.
  • Adaptation of any film of yours within two days.
  • All parts are specially made for you.
  • Fastest technical support after sales, in 24 hours through internet, 72 hours direct service to your country.
  • Best and stable synchronization by Siemens Motion Control Unit.
  • Ultra economical system by Siemens Regenerative Servo Motors.
  • 100% satisfaction of investor’s and end user’s.


Warranty, Service and Maintenance:

  •  All our cinemas have one year Global Siemens warranty for Siemens parts and one year for all other parts.
  • * Advantage of this ; having all Siemens solution partners right behind of you to give fastest service and best maintenance wherever you are , no matter US, Canada, Africa, China etc…
  •  Also we support our customers through internet without limit of time. Our engineer can connect to your cinema wherever it is, find and fix, stabilize it as soon as connect to the internet, If this is not usefull the direct service will be right to your door in 72 hours.
  •  Our Cinema has very simple maintenance process. Daily, oil with spray oil all axis through hole on screw pistons. That is it! There is no more maintenance procedures.

For more info. please call us (+90 530 8290285) or drop an mail to info@dynamicsimulator.com.tr

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/ / Journey Of Dynamic Simulator

Having 10 years’ of experience in entertainment equipment lead us to new areas and we start developing a unique device in the field of simulation. It is one of the best motion XD theatre in the world. The key point «why we are the best» because we have our own R&D team who has designed a unique, high sensetive 6 DOF Hexapod robot. We offer advanced, high end and technologically strong products for the public. So far we bring out so many multi-dimensional film houses in Turkey and as well as abroad.

Our R&D team regularly attends in domestic and abroad fairs in related fields to enlarge product range by new design and development. Our key partner, Siemens, has increased the safety and stability of our devices. We keep Siemens as a key partner for our goods.

We produce electromechanical technology, 6 Axis Hexapod robot (6 DOF) platforms to give full motion. Hexapod technology used by Airbus, Boeing, NASA, F-16 pilot training simulation units and microsurgical operations. It provides precise control, stability and safety. On the other hand Seats, Screen, Projector, Glasses etc. are all well-known brands, best quality to meet pleasure and excitement of movie. Fast after sale service, keep in touch for years and spare part is our strong point nonetheless, customers forget us as a consequence of stability of the system.


/ / Our Best Features

  • Project Department
  • Design and Advertising Department
  • R&D Department
  • Testing Department
  • Sales Department
  • Technical Support Department
  • Aftersales Service

/ / Best We Can Offer

Superior XD Theater

We present Superior model: 4, 6, 8, 9, 12 standard seats model. superior model can be manufactured with any number of seats according to your place and area. Free of charge layout drawing can be designed and send to you according to your room sizes and requirements.

  • Specs of Superior model:

360 Panoramic Cinema

We are glad to announce a new item! It is 360 Panoramic Cinema, comes with wind, rain, snow, bubble, lightning, vibration effects, 15 and 20 seats options, real 3D animation films and tailored outbox design.

  • Specs of 360 Panoramic Cinema:

Curve Screen

Optional item for XD theater. It is desgined according to your space and theatre seat quantity.

  • Tailored curve screen material could be from white, grey or 3D silver screen


/ / The films that amaze you

Dynamic Simulator is proud to represent real 3D stereoscopic ride films.

Taxi Ride

Taxi Ride

Let yourself go!

“Taxi Ride 3D” is a futuristic high-speed stereoscopic 3D thrill ride through crowded city streets, hidden gravity tunnels, and underground subways!

Eco Race

Eco Race

Save the world

Want to have fun with future vehicles? It is an interesting film in real 3D. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy it.

Rats Race

Rats Race

An exciting race under our foot

Have you ever imagined what rats do in your house when you are not around? Take your seat and find out!

Toy Store

Toy Store

An adventure at the toy store

Follow a fellow toy soldier on an epic adventure as you race through a busy toy store after closing time.

Chocolate factory

Chocolate factory

Chocolate becomes alive

We all love chocolate do not we? Let's see story of chocolate together

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